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  • Apr 19

    Voice Assistant

    Utilising the very latest in AI technology to create a multilingual domain-specific virtual assistant across voice and chat in real time .

  • Dec 18

    Wearables for Health Monitoring

    Using Dragon Wear to monitor and track heartrate, temperature, activity levels and GPS location in real time with auto dialling of emergency services in times of need.

  • Mar 18

    Dragon Activate

    A holistic offering that takes any event/festival to the next level by combining Dragon Eye, Dragon Social, and Dragon Byte to provide App driven interaction, geo targeting and cashless solutions for a seamless consumer experience as well as offering robust consumer data. Combined with wearables for the ultimate consumer experience.

  • Nov 17

    Virtual Revenue Management

    Combining Machine Learning and Human insight to increase revenue outcomes with tangible recommendations from variety of data sources.

  • Nov 17

    Competition and Prize Management

    A complete competition management system for all prize types with real time prize allocation and tracking complemented by real time reporting, all powered by the Cloud.

  • Oct 17

    Cloud-Powered Streaming

    Powered by Cloud Technology, enabling a superior platform for streaming.

  • Sep 17

    Commercial Playout System

    Implementing target advertising by geographical region such as household or region. Combined with power of IoT data capture and mining to deliver a deeper client conversation.

  • Jul 17

    Facial Recognition Beauty Tool

    A virtual beauty tool that allows for interactive touch, enabling consumers to test products on themselves and garner product information to aid in purchase

  • Mar 17

    Social and Media Sentiment

    Encompassing advanced heat mapping and world first data mining initiatives, delivering scope and scale on capturing consumer sentiment

  • Nov 16


    An automated media trading platform that allows seamless buying and selling of guaranteed inventory in real time with machine learning overlaid for intelligent data

  • Oct 16

    Sound Conversion

    Capturing real time dialogue and sentiment of consumers at events and promotional activities

  • Sep 16

    Outdoor & Cinema Programmatic Advertising

    Using facial recognition to deliver real time programmatic audience groups for seamless relevant creative delivery via third parties

  • Aug 16

    Voice to Text

    Real time data transfer of voice into text data with direct input into a CRM system – over 50 languages and style and definition of speech learnt

  • Jul 16

    Consumer Research

    Enhancing the research process by capturing emotions/moods of participants for real time sentiment of the content / product being tested

  • May 16

    Social Media Extension

    Showcasing real time social media interactions / posts from multiple sources on digital screens at events, instore or owned digital assets

  • Sep 15

    Automated Reactive Cloud Monitoring

    Monitoring of cloud servers to determine performance and resolve issues as defined or alert staff

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