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  • Oct 19

    Mine Detection

    Providing Thermography based methods to detect buried mines from Drones

  • Aug 19

    UI Design

    Dragon Protect optimised UI for Commanding, Controlling, and Review. With support for Dragon Protect devices, drones, and assets.

  • Jul 19

    Smart Landing

    Building methods for landing Drones on moving and static targets without any extra markings.

  • Mar 19

    AI Smart Chip

    Prototyping of Smart Chips that can be embedded into Drones to run AI payloads.

  • Feb 19

    Dragon Access

    Utilising Dragon Eye to provide a complete keyless entry experience via facial recognition in real time combined with Dragon Protect.

  • Jan 19

    Dragon Protect

    Utilising the very latest in airborne, land based, submarine, drone and beacon solutions to create a holistic security solution. Underpinned by ANGEL – Central AI technology based on swarm learning that protects against human attacks and foreign intrusive technology.

  • Nov 18

    Object Detection and Collision Avoidance

    Onboard and Offboard processing of Object Detection and Collision Avoidance for Drones.

  • Sep 18

    Optimised Path Planning

    Optimising Path Planning for drone missions in complex environments.

  • Jul 18

    GPS denied navigation

    Maintaining Drone Altitude and Heading in GPS denied conditions.

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